Oncology Research

Cancer is responsible for approximately 7.6 million deaths world-wide each year, accounting for 25% of all deaths from non-communicable diseases (http://www.aicr.org/learn-more-about-cancer/infographics/infographics-mortality.html ). One-third of cancer deaths are avoidable, and the goal of oncology researchers is to increase that proportion. ReproCELL has a number of products and services to support oncology research.

3D Cancer Models using Alvetex™

Alvetex Scaffold 3D tissue culture supports have been used for a number of cancer models. Cancer invasion assays measure the effect of potential drugs on the migration of cancer cells into the matrix http://reinnervate.com/alvetex/science-portals/science-portal-cancer-invasion/) . Cytotoxicity assays measure the potential anticancer agents to halt or reverse the growth of cancer cells (http://reinnervate.com/alvetex/science-portals/science-portal-cancer-tox/). REPROCELL can perform these assays as a service, as well.  

Invasion of SW480 (top) and SW620 colon carcinoma cells into Alvetex Scaffold.

Picture from: /pub/media/uploads/reinnervate_docs/AN-SC-03_AppNote_Scaffold_03.pdf