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Joint Announcement with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Notification of the Beginning of Sales of StemFIT® AK02N High-Performance Culture Solution for Regenerative Medicine Use Human iPS Cells

  • Company: REPROCELL, Inc. (JASDAQ Company code: 4978)
  • Representative: Chikafumi Yokoyama, PhD
  • Contact:

Joint Announcement with Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Our company would like to give notice that we will make a joint announcement with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. and Takara Bio Inc. relating to the productization of our StemFit® AK02N high-performance culture solution for regenerative medicine use human iPS cells on September 29, 2015 and that domestic sales will begin on 1 October, 2015.

StemFit® AK02N is a regenerative medicine and basic research use culture solution with world class performance that has been successfully turned into a product by Ajinomoto Co., Inc., and it will be sold as part of our company’s product lineup. This product inherits the world leading high performance of clinical research use culture solutions developed by Ajinomoto Co., Inc., and is capable of being supplied at a low price. Backed by the high performance of our world class ES/iPS cell culture technology and through the use of our global network, this product will be able to gain widespread use at an accelerated pace. Adoption as the standard regenerative medicine use culture medium for basic research will increase our company’s global presence in the field of regenerative medicine, which is expected to expand rapidly in the future.

Our group is actively entering the regenerative medicine field using our strengths: world leading ES/iPS cell technologies and a global network. Starting with this sales partnership, we will continue to strengthen our partnerships with foreign enterprises with world leading technologies and build a global platform in the field of regenerative medicine at an early stage.

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