ReproHP Medium

2015.12.17 ReproHP Medium™

≪A breakthrough in the culture of Primary Human Hepatocytes for enhanced expression of detoxification enzymes.≫ ReproHP Medium™ enables the robust detection of most detoxification enzymes in primary human hepatocytes due to boosted expression levels and lasting CYP activity in culture. ※Storage temperature:-20℃ ※Toxicity: contain 0.19% CHIR99021 (in supplement) ≪Higher Cytochrome P450 expression levels.≫ When cultured in ReproHP Medium™ and exposed to specific drugs, the basal and induced expression levels of key detoxification enzymes (CYP3A4, CYP1A2, CYP2B6) are significantly elevated in primary human hepatocytes. *Experimental Notes: Reported expression values are normalized against the basal expression level of another “leading brand”. The data shown is from one lot of primary human hepatocytes (Life […]

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