ReproHepato Culture Medium

2015.03.28 ReproHepato™: The world’s first commercial hiPSC-hepatocytes

Constantly available human hepatocytes with robust enzymatic activity Robust CYP activity Expression of transporters (NTCP and OATP1B1, etc.) Longer retention of CYP activity Hepatotoxic response similar to primary hepatocytes CYP induction assay and hepatotoxicity assay services available in Japan ReproCELL has launched ReproHepato™ – constantly available, high-quality, and fully-differentiated human hepatocytes derived from iPS cells that are commercialized for the first time in the world.. The cells provided are differentiated hepatocytes. After six days in culture using Maintenance Medium included in the kit, the cells are ready for CYP assay.*: The cells should be kept in liquid nitrogen.

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