2015.03.30 ReproCardio2

Human iPS Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes Features  ・For efficient in vitro cardiotoxicity assays  ・Functionally characterized using various reference compounds  ・Expresses cardiac ion channels and cardiomyocyte-specific markers Overview Convenient frozen cells for wide range of applications ReproCardio2 cardiomyocytes are delivered as frozen single cells and can be re-constituted into spheroids in embryoid body formation inducing 3D culture technologies like low adherence plates. Reconstituted ReproCardio2 clumps beat periodically and robustly which provide excellent in vitro models of in vivo heart. Characterization ReproCardio2™ cells express various cardiomyocyte-specific markers and cardiac ion channels (see images below). MLC-2A Myosin light chain specific for the atrium of the mammalian heart. MLC-2V Myosin light chain specific for the […]

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