2015.03.26 ReproFF2

Feeder-Free Culture Medium for human ES/iPS cells Require culture maintenance only three days per week. (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Reduces medium usage by 50% compared to medium that require change everyday. Equivalent performance to feeder dependent medium in maintaining undifferentiated state. Maintain differentiation capability. (differentiated into cadiomyocytes, neurons and others) Each batch Serum-free is functionally tested by using human iPS cells. Osmolarity, pH, sterility, and mycoplasma-contamination is tested to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. Serum-free. Note: bFGF is not included in ReproFF2. Please purchase bFGF separately and add it before you culture human ES cells and iPS cells. Culture maintenance only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday With ReproFF2, medium change is […]

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