2015.03.27 CYP Assay Service

Custom evaluation of compound effects on CYP3A4 expression and activity Detection method: Luminescence using P450-Glo™ CYP3A4 assay (Luciferin-PFBE) cell-based/biochemical assay (Promega) Reported content: The absolute and relative values of luminescence. The relative value is the absolute value combined with the provided compound treatment (induced activity) divided by the absolute value of untreated cells (basal activity). Assay results are provided as digital data or printed material on request. Material: Our in-house human iPS cell-derived hepatocytes ReproHepato™, cultured and assayed in 96-well plate format. Number of measurable data points: 72 wells (The remaining wells are used as controls) Assay example plan Example 1: 3 compounds × 8 doses, n = 3 Example […]

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