2015.03.29 QTempo assay service

Cardiotoxicity Assay Services Using Human iPSC Derived Beating Cardiomyocytes QT prolongation assay service using human cardiomyocytes derived from iPS cells ECG-like recordings by using extracellular electrodes Results in excellent agreement with clinical findings Ideal as Post HTS/Hit-to-Lead non-GLP test Covers all cardiac ion channels including hERG channel Screens non-ion channel factors as well Also for beat rate change detection QTempo is a pre-clinical functional assay that captures the whole complexity of cardiac activity in vitro. By making ECG-like recordings composed of QRS complex and T wave, QTempo can capture the critical cardiac parameters including QT interval and beat rate. The cardiomyocyte clusters used in QTempo generate robust, consistent data over extended […]

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