2015.03.26 ReproNeuro™: Human iPS cell derived Neurons

The world’s first Commercial Human iPSC derived Neurons Features  ・Stable supply of phenotypically normal human neuronal cells  ・Recombinant and patient- derived Alzheimer Disease-model neurons available  ・Suitable for neurotoxicity assays and drug screening  ・Functionally active as determined by MEA and Ca2+– flux assays The cells provided are immature neurons. When cultured in ReproNeuro Culture Medium or ReproNeuro MQ Medium, ReproNeuro™ cells will differentiate into a mixed population of brain-like neurons. Overview ReproNeuro™ is a cell product that will undergo final maturation into neuronal cells when cultured with your choice of recommended media for 7-14 days. Recommended media:  ・ReproNeuro Culture Medium (Cat. No. RCDN101)  ・ReproNeuro MQ Medium (Cat. No. RCDN102) βIII-tubulin TH […]

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