2015.12.08 EZ Open Top FLASK

≪Thoroughly harvest your valuable cells≫ [Advantages] ・ Easily reach all areas of the flask by removal of the top film ・ Made of high quality and uniform plastic film (PET/ PE/ EP) ・ Manufactured using a reliable Thermofix technique ・ UV sterilized ≪Focus≫ [Greater harvest efficiency compared to conventional flasks] [EZ- Open Top Flasks pass high qualified sustainability testing. No worries about leakage. ] ≪Products & Price≫ Cat. No Product Name Price AG3173-025 EZ-Open Top FLASK 25cm2 (20 flasks) Ask AG3193-075 EZ-Open Top FLASK 75cm2 (20 flasks) Ask AG3183-150 EZ-Open Top FLASK 150cm2 (20 flasks) Ask

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