2016.03.14 bFGF Xeno-Free(FGF-2)

≪bFGF which makes your complete Xeno-Free culture possible≫ ≪Advantages≫  ・Xeno-Free  ・146aa (same sequence as the former product)  ・Same quality has been verified by the maintenance of human iPSC in undifferentiated state.  ・Ready to use solurion(1 mg/mL)

2015.03.26 ReproFF2

Feeder-Free Culture Medium for human ES/iPS cells Require culture maintenance only three days per week. (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Reduces medium usage by 50% compared to medium that require change everyday. Equivalent performance to feeder dependent medium in maintaining undifferentiated state. Maintain differentiation capability. (differentiated into cadiomyocytes, neurons and others) Each batch Serum-free is functionally tested by using human iPS cells. Osmolarity, pH, sterility, and mycoplasma-contamination is tested to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. Serum-free. Note: bFGF is not included in ReproFF2. Please purchase bFGF separately and add it before you culture human ES cells and iPS cells. Culture maintenance only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday With ReproFF2, medium change is […]

2015.03.18 Enhanced mRNA reprogramming

≪The Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit is the fastest, safest, and most efficient method for generating integration-free, virus-free, clinically relevant human iPS cells.≫ ≪Features≫  ・Non-integrating — no risk of genomic integration  ・With robust reprogramming, colonies can emerge and be picked up in as early as 14 days  ・Stoichiometric control of individual reprogramming factors  ・Eliminates need for multi-step passaging and screening of colonies  ・Validated protocol using normal and diseased cells ≪Overview≫ Fast gneneration of gootprint-gree iPS cell lines With fast reprogramming kinetics and non-viral application, reprogramming with mRNA produces clinically-relevant iPS cell lines months earlier than other systems that require additional work to screen new cells for the presents of contaminating viral […]

2015.03.17 Self-Replicative RNA reprogramming (blood cell reprogramming)

A Self- Replicative RNA reprogramming system optimized for Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs), makes blood- to- iPSC conversion reproducible in labs. Features  ・No genomic integration  ・Virus-free  ・Feeder-free workflow  ・Reprograms Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) derived from whole blood  ・Optimized reprogramming protocol + EPC derivation protocol  ・Only 2 transfections required Overview Only 2 transfections required! Select iPSC colonies in less than a month! Pluripotency immunocytochemistry (ICC) of EPC-srRNA-iPS cell line derived from human EPCs. Nuclear pluripotency staining with Rex1, Nanog, and Oct4 antibodies is seen in red. Cell surface pluripotency staining with SSEA4, TRA-1-81, and TRA-1-60 antibodies is seen in green. Merged images are shown. Primary reprogramming culture morphology progression, resulting from the […]

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