AteloGene® Systemic Use

2014.12.22 AteloGene® in vivo siRNA/miRNA Transfection kit│KOKEN

Atelocollagen, the main component of AteloGene®, forms siRNA/miRNA atelocollagen complexes by appropriate mixing with synthetic siRNA/miRNA. The siRNA/miRNA atelocollagen complexes are optimal for in vivo transfection, and siRNA/miRNA is effectively delivered and introduced into the cells. Feature Literature Product List Overview Outline siRNA/Atelocollagen Complex Formation Two types of AteloGene® are available depending on your target tissue or method of administration.AteloGene® Local Use is designed for localized administration due to its gelation capability. Gelated siRNA/atelocollagen complexes remain at the injection site and siRNA/miRNA is delivered into the cells effectively.AteloGene® Systemic Use is suitable for systemic administration via tail vein injection because it does not gelate, and siRNA/miRNA is delivered effectively by […]

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