2015.03.17 Atelocollagen, Honeycomb sponge

Lyophilized atelocollagen sponge shows a honeycomb structure with high pore density and unidirectional characteristics. This honeycomb structure enables easy supply of nutrients to cells and excretion of waste products from cells. Applications 3D cell culture Carrier for regenerative medicine research Features Directed luminal structure. Cells can be easily harvested by collagenase treatment.

2015.03.13 Atelocollagen, Permeable membrane for 50mm culture dish, 6-well/24-well culture plate

Amino acids and other small molecules can move freely through the permeable collagen membrane. Suitable for culture of primary epithelial cells and cell interaction studies. Applications Cell culture Features Microscopic observation of the cells is possible during theculture due to high membrane transparency. Cell culture on collagen membrane creates a naturalenvironment that resembles in vivo systems.

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