2015.03.16 Stemolecule™ (Small molecules)

Stemgent’s portfolio is quite extentsive for stem cells The products have high purity and low lot-to-lot variability Used globally Catalog No. Product Overview Quantity Price 04-0079 ★NEW! WH-4-023 A potent Src and LCK inhibitor (IC50< 10 nM) 2 mg Ask 04-0080 ★NEW! SB590885 A potent for and selective (>10-fold selectivity against C-RAF) inhibitor of B-RAF kinase 2 mg Ask 04-0081 ★NEW! IM-12 A potent and intracellular inhibitor of GSK-3β activates downstream components of canonical Wnt signaling and increasing β-catenin levels 2 mg Ask 04-0004 CHIR99021 The most selective inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK-3β) reported to date 2 mg Ask 04-0004-10 10 mg Ask 04-0004-02 CHIR99021 (10mM sol.) 2 […]

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