2015.03.28 Transdifferentiation reagents

Modified mRNAs for the transdifferentiation of human and mouse fibroblasts into skeletal muscle and cardiomyocytes. Product List Protocol Data Sheet Literature Product list RNA transfection reagents Catalog No. Product Quantity Price 00-0069 Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit 1 Kit Ask 05-0020 eGFP mRNA 20 μg Ask Modified mRNAs for transdifferentiation Catalog No. Product Quantity Price 05-0033 Gata4 mRNA, Human Cardiomyocytes 20 μg Ask 05-0034 Mef2c mRNA, Human 20 μg Ask 05-0035 Tbx5 mRNA, Human 20 μg Ask 05-0031 Myf5 mRNA, Human Myogenic lineage 20 μg Ask 05-0029 MyoD mRNA, Human Skeletal Muscle 20 μg Ask 05-0032 Myog mRNA, Human Skeletal Muscle 20 μg Ask Protocol Transdifferentiation reagents Protocol Safety Data Sheet […]

2015.03.18 Enhanced mRNA reprogramming

≪The Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit is the fastest, safest, and most efficient method for generating integration-free, virus-free, clinically relevant human iPS cells.≫ ≪Features≫  ・Non-integrating — no risk of genomic integration  ・With robust reprogramming, colonies can emerge and be picked up in as early as 14 days  ・Stoichiometric control of individual reprogramming factors  ・Eliminates need for multi-step passaging and screening of colonies  ・Validated protocol using normal and diseased cells ≪Overview≫ Fast gneneration of gootprint-gree iPS cell lines With fast reprogramming kinetics and non-viral application, reprogramming with mRNA produces clinically-relevant iPS cell lines months earlier than other systems that require additional work to screen new cells for the presents of contaminating viral […]

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