Research theme

MEF Feeder Cells

MEF (mouse embryonic fibroblasts) feeder cells for human, mouse, primate ESC or iPSC culture.

Laminin-5 (Laminin-332)

For Human ES/iPS cell Xeno-Free Coating reagent

ReproHP Medium™

A breakthrough in the culture of Primary Human Hepatocytes for enhanced expression of detoxification enzymes.

Feeder Cells (SL10)

A feeder cell line applicable for culture of murine, primates, human ES/iPS cells

ReproNeuro AD-mutation

Neural progenitor cells from human iPS cells transfected mutated presenilin1 (PS1) gene

ReproNeuro AD-patient 1

Neural progenitor cells from Alzheimer's disease patient-derived iPS cells

ReproCryo DMSO Free RM

Human iPSC freezing medium


Chemically defined slow freezing medium

ReproNeuro MQ medium™

Exceptional culture medium for microelectrode array (MEA) analysis