Product Classification : hES/iPSC Culture Media / ReagentsResearch Theme : ES/iPS cells


Culture medium for human naïve stem cells

  • Genetic modification is not necessary to transform conventional human iPS cells to naïve state.
  • Single passage
  • 100-fold greater growth at 10 days than conventional iPS cells


ReproNaÏve is the first commercially available medium specifically designed for naÏve stem cell culture. Culture of human pluripotent stem cells in ReproNaÏve medium enables stem cell researchers to generate and maintain naÏve cells without the time-consuming need for genetic modification.

Technical Data

1. Morphology


2. Proliferation


The short doubling time of naÏve state iPS cells makes it possible to increase cell number 100-fold compared to conventional primed state iPS cells during 10 days of growth.

3. Expression of NaÏve State Markers

Expression of NaÏve State Markers

Expression and localization of naÏve state markers TFE3 and TRA-1-81. Nuclear localization of transcription factor TFE3 was enhanced in cells cultured in ReproNaÏve, indicating these cells are in a naÏve state.

4. Embryonic Development and Differentiation

iPS cells cultured for 2 weeks in ReproNaÏve medium to induce the cells into a naÏve state have retained the ability to differentiate into all three germ layers.

Data Sheet


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RCHEMD008 ReproNaÏve™ (500mL) Contact us

*5% O2 incubator is required.

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