Laminin-5 (Laminin-332)

Product Classification : hES/iPSC Culture Media / ReagentsResearch Theme : ES/iPS cells


≪For Human ES/iPS cell Xeno-Free Coating reagent≫


 ・Optimized for feeder free culture of human ES/iPS cells
 ・Human Recombinant Laminin
 ・Each lot functionally tested in hiPS cell culture

※ Store at -80℃


Laminin-5 is a Xeno- Free coating reagent optimized for human ES/iPS cell culture in feeder free condition. With CTK solution, the dissociation is easy to perform without any physical force, which minimizes the possible damage generated on cells.

Product list

Catalog No. Product Price
RCHEOT004 Laminin-5(1 ug x6) Ask


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    [PMID: 18675790]