Product Classification : hES/iPSC Culture Media / Reagents


Your ES/iPS cell culture is about to become even easier and more effective!


 ・Optimized for use with StemFit AK02N [Japan only] and other feeder-free media
 ・Optimized for Stemgent iPSC reprogramming protocol
 ・Can be used for a wide range of applications e.g., iPSC reprogramming
 ・All lots are quality tested in hiPSC culture

Storage temperature: 2-15°C

≪How to use≫

Product list

Catalog No. Product Price
NP892-011 iMatrix-511(350 ug:175 ug x 2/Box) Ask
NP892-012 iMatrix-511(1050 ug:175 ug x 6/Box) Ask

Safety Data Sheet


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