Feeder Cells (SL10)

Product Classification : hES/iPSC Culture Media / ReagentsResearch Theme : ES/iPS cells

Feeder Cells (SL10)
  • A feeder cell line applicable for culture of murine, primates, human ES/iPS cells
  • With the resistance of Neomycin which helps the selection in transfection and drug developing experiments
  • Derived from the same cell line, STO, which was the feeder cell, SNL, utilized in Dr. Yamanaka`s experiment of human iPS cells establishment
  • Also utilized as the feeder cell in the establishment of 3 Japanese ES cell lines (KhES-1, KhES-2, KhES-3) and Macaca fascicularis ES cell line
  • Every lot has been examined before moved into inventory
  • Mitomycin C- treated cells, which is ready for use

※storage temperature: LN2


This feeder cell is verified to be applicable for a wide range of ES/iPS cell culture. The figure at the right side showed well growth of ES cells on SL10 feeder cell. The bias between lots is lower than primary MEF, which is the advantage of SL10. Detailed information are available in the protocol.


  • Kishigami, Ryota, et al. "Histological analysis of epithelial stem cells during induced pluripotent stem cell-derived teratoma development." Journal of Oral Biosciences 54.1 (2012): 58-65.

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