hES/iPSC Culture Media / Reagents

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hES/iPSC Culture Media / Reagents

Culture Reagents Co-developed by ReproCELL and Kyoto University

ReproCELL offers a range of media and reagents specifically developed to provide superior results in human ES and iPS culture. Developed by pioneering stem cell scientists, ReproCELL’s media was used to maintain the world’s first human iPS cells (Cell 131, 1-12). ReproCELL reagents simplify the work flow, and require little or no mixing of additional components prior to use. ReproCELL’s attention to detail, together with stringent functional testing, ensures that the results you get match those of other leading stem cell labs.

Naïve stem cells culture

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The first medium worldwide to convert stem cells into naive state without the need for genetic modification.

Feeder-Dependent Culture

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Primate ES Cell Medium

The standard medium for human ESC/iPSC, developed by ReproCELL and Kyoto University


Coating solution for feeder-depnedent culture of human ES and iPS cells

Feeder-Free Culture

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A new feeder-free medium that doesn’t need everyday culture maintenance

Other Culture Reagents

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bFGF Xeno-Free(FGF-2)

bFGF which makes your complete Xeno-Free culture possible


A stable human recombinant FGF-2

Dissociation solution for human ES/iPS cells

Gentle detachment of the colonies without using scrapers

hES Cell Cloning & Recovery Supplement

Increase ES/iPS cell viability by more than 30 fold

Laminin-5 (Laminin-332)

For Human ES/iPS cell Xeno-Free Coating reagent


NEW!Your ES/iPS cell culture is about to become even easier and more effective!