Transdifferentiation reagents

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Transdifferentiation reagents

Stemgent Brand

Modified mRNAs for the transdifferentiation of human and mouse fibroblasts into skeletal muscle and cardiomyocytes.

Product list

RNA transfection reagents

Catalog No. Product Quantity Price
00-0069Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit1 KitAsk
05-0020eGFP mRNA20 μgAsk

Modified mRNAs for transdifferentiation

Catalog No. Product Quantity Price
05-0033Gata4 mRNA, HumanCardiomyocytes20 μgAsk
05-0034Mef2c mRNA, Human20 μgAsk
05-0035Tbx5 mRNA, Human20 μgAsk
05-0031Myf5 mRNA, HumanMyogenic lineage20 μgAsk
05-0029MyoD mRNA, HumanSkeletal Muscle20 μgAsk
05-0032Myog mRNA, HumanSkeletal Muscle20 μgAsk


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