ReproNeuro MQ medium™ NEW

Product Classification : hiPSC-NeuronsResearch Theme : Drug Effect Test, Pharmacological Effectiveness Test, Safety Test, Toxicology test, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Electrophysiology Testing

ReproNeuro MQ medium™

Exceptional culture medium for microelectrode array (MEA) analysis

  • Heighten electrical spike detection
  • Enhanced synapse formation
  • Boosted electrophysiological drug response


ReproNeuro MQ medium™ is optimal medium for microelectrode array analysis.

1. Increase of Spikes

Increase of Spikes

ReproNeuro™ cultured with ReproNeuro MQ medium™ has better action potential.

2. Synapse formation

Synapse formation

Drebrin accumulate on the protrusion of dendrites (MAP2) and Co-localize with presynaptic proteins (Synapsin I) on the neurite.

3. Drug response

Drug response

ReproNeuro™ cultured with ReproNeuro MQ medium™ is response to antagonist of NMDA and non-NMDA receptor.



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