ReproNeuro AD-patient 1 NEW

Product Classification : hiPSC-NeuronsResearch Theme : Drug Effect Test, Pharmacological Effectiveness Test, Alzheimer's disease, Tailor-made Disease Model

Neural progenitor cells from Alzheimer’s disease patient-derived iPS cells

  • iPS cells from Alzheimer’s disease patient
  • Differentiation into neural progenitor cells
  • Presenilin2(PS2) mutation (R62H)
  • Use as Alzheimer’s disease model cells
  • Delivery in frozen cells
  • Get neurons only 14 days after thawing



Induction into neural progenitor cells from human iPS cells which are established from Alzheimer's disease patient

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RCDN003P ReproNeuro AD-patient 1 : 3 x 106 cells Ask

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Disease model cells for your request

We can provide the disease model cells for your request. This service include acquisition of a sample from a patient for a source of iPS cells,establishment of human iPS cell by RNA technology and differentiation into functional cells (Cardiomyocytes, Hepatocytes and Neurons). You can request any one or more of the processes described.

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ReproNeuro Culture Medium™

Culture medium :For the neurons of ReproNeuro series

  • ReproNeuro Culture Medium™(40 mL)
  • Additive(520 μL)

ReproNeuro MQ medium™

Culture medium :For the MEA assay

  • ReproNeuro MQ medium™(40 mL)
  • Additive(520 μL)

ReproNeuro Coat™(150 μL)

Coating solution :For the coating