Atelocollagen sponge,membrane,powder

Product Classification : Atelocollagen for Cell Culture│KOKENResearch Theme : Cancer, 3D culture

Atelocollagen sponge, membrane, powder from bovine dermis

Atelocollagen sponge,membrane,powder-01

Atelocollagen sponge,membrane,powder-02

Product List

Catalog No. Product Quantity Storage Data sheet Price
KKN-CLS-01 Atelocollagen sponge 1 pc/bag 2-10°C
KKN-CLF-01 Atelocollagen membrane 1 sheet/bag -20°C
KKN-CLP-01 Atelocollagen powder 500 mg/btl -20°C


KKN-CLS-01 (Atelocollagen sponge)

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KKN-CLF-01 (Atelocollagen membrane)

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KKN-CLP-01 (Atelocollagen powder)

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