Collagen microspheres

Product Classification : Atelocollagen for Cell Culture│KOKENResearch Theme : Cancer, 3D culture

Bead-like atelocollagen carrier for cell culture. Useful for maintenance of cell function during culture of fibroblasts, epithelial cell and osteoblasts.

Collagen microspheres01

Collagen microspheres02


  • High density cell culturing


  • Collagen microspheres set the intravital-like
    environment since these are derived only from
    fibril-forming type I collagen.


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Product List

Catalog No. Product Quantity Storage Data sheet Price
KKN-MIC-00 Collagen microspheres (sterile)
Size: 100-400 μm, About 3,000,000 particles, Total surface area: about 3,800 cm2/15 ml
15 mL/btl 2-10°C (Do not freeze)