Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold

Product Classification : Atelocollagen for Cell Culture│KOKENResearch Theme : Cancer, 3D culture

Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold

β-calcium phosphate (β-TCP) is coated with atelocollagen that shows high biocompatibility.
β-TCP is a widely-used bone prosthetic material due to its exquisite osteoconductive property.


  • Bone remodeling studies (cell culture of osteoblasts or osteoclasts etc. )
  • Functional analyses of osteogenesis related factors


  • Honeycomb discs and Flat discs are contained
    (5 pieces each).


“Elevation of ALP activity (bone differentiation marker) by cultivation with atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold.””

MC3T3-E1 cells (1×104 cells) were cultivated on atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold in MEMα plus 10%FBS. Elevated ALP activity (bone differentiation marker) was observed on day 14.


Product List

Catalog No. Product Quantity Storage Data sheet Price
KKN-ACB-05S Atelocollagen coated β-TCP scaffold (sterile)
Disc size : Φ3×1 mm
10 pcs/btl Room Temperature