Product Classification : 3D Culture


Easily form Mass Numbers of Embryoid Bodies & Spheroids!


・Scale up your spheroid forming cell culture
・Standardize the size of spheroids
・Simplify spheroid formation in one plate



EZSPHERE is a culture dish engineered with micro-wells having a diameter of 400-500 μm and a depth of 150-200 μm. With special coating ensuring low cell attachment and low protein binding, cells can easily form uniform spheroids and be harvested sooner, improving your data collection.


High Productivity & Efficiency

There are 100s-1,000s of uniform micro-well chambers in each 35 mm sized plate. You can significantly increase your productivity by using just a single plate.


Forcing all the applied cells into spheroid formation


Thanks to the unique design that eliminates flat areas, EZSPHERE can optimize the spheroid formation with your applied cells.

Choose the best micro-well size for your experiment

Depending on your needs, various sizes of spheroids can be made by selecting a suitable well size.
custom made to order


Products & Price

Cat. No Product Name Price
AG4000-900 EZSPHERE Dish 35mm (10 dishes) Contact us
AG4010-900 EZSPHERE Dish 60mm (10 dishes) Contact us
AG4020-900 EZSPHERE Dish 100mm (10 dishes) Contact us
AG4810-900 EZSPHERE Microplate 6 wells (5 plates) Contact us
AG4860-900 EZSPHERE Microplate 96 wells (5 plates) Contact us
AG4000-902 EZSPHERE Dish 35mm Type902 (10 dishes) Contact us
AG4000-903 EZSPHERE Dish 35mm Type903 (10 dishes) Contact us
AG4000-904 EZSPHERE Dish 35mm Type904 (10 dishes) Contact us
AG4000-9VP EZSPHERE Dish 35mm variety pack
(1 dish each, 6 types total)
Contact us
AG4000-CM EZSPHERE customized size Contact us