ReproCELL Inc. announces business collaboration with KOKEN CO., LTD


Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan ReproCELL Inc. (ReproCELL, CEO: Chikafumi Yokoyama, Ph.D. JASDAQ: 4978) announced today that ReproCELL has completed a distributorship agreement with KOKEN CO., LTD (KOKEN, Tokyo, Japan, President: Yuzo Tarumi, Ph.D.). ReproCELL will sell KOKEN’s collagen products globally outside Japan.

In the half century since founding in 1959, KOKEN has become a world-class specialist in the development and manufacture of silicone materials to replace human skin and other parts of the body, along with various types of medical plastics, life simulation models for medical education, and Atelocollagen products ranging from cosmetics to medical-use materials.

ReproCELL will promote KOKEN’s tissue/cell culture collagen products, AteloCell® including 3D tissue/cell culture scaffolds and AteloGene® designed for delivering siRNA/miRNA into animal tissue, mouse in particular, to introduce the siRNA/miRNA into cells by local or systemic administrations. Those products are based on KOKEN’s internationally acclaimed refinement technology to produce highly pure atelocollagen.

Antigenicity (a cause of rejection at transplantation) of atelocollagen is very low so that tissue/cells cultured with AteloCell® can be used for transplant assay. They are expected to be in demand from our customers using ReproCELL’s human ES/iPS cell culture reagents and human iPS cell derived functional cells, by which those researchers who conduct such transplant experiment.

Through this collaboration ReproCELL will enhance its international presence in rapidly-growing 3D tissue/cell culture market by adding 3D culture products to those of Reinnervate of which ReproCELL announced the acquisition on July 1st, 2014. From the above, synergy utilizing existing sales network and connection of ReproCELL and Reinnervate is highly expected.