2011.09.27 PRODUCTNew Product: ReproCardio 2 (human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, frozen)

ReproCELL launches its second iPSC-cardiomyocyte product ReproCardio 2. Since the world’s first launch of the first version product (ReproCardio), ReproCELL has been continuously improving the products and now established frozen cells as a product. ReproCardio 2 contains natural population of human heart cells which are necessary for efficient prediction of compound effects in the drug development process. Please visit ReproCardio 2 product website to learn about it.

2011.04.18 PRODUCTNew product: Feeder-free medium ReproFF2

ReproCELL announces launch of a new product ReproFF2. ReproFF2 is a new feeder-free medium which doesn’t require everyday medium change while keeping the cells in a good condition without feeder cells. For more information please visit the product web page.

2008.11.05 PRODUCTReproFF launched

ReproCELL anounces the lanuch of ReproFF, a new product for human stem cell research. Many stem cells require feeder cells which form a layer beneath them, helping to optimize culture conditions. Subsequent analysis and applications for the stem cells may be impaired by the feeder cells. ReproFF was developed specifically to enable a wide range of primate (including human) stem cells to be grown in feeder free conditions. ReproFF offers seamless adaptation from feeder culture to feeder free with industry leading levels of cell vilability. ReproFF ia made to the same exacting standards as ReproCELL’s “Primate ES cell culture medium” which has beomce a gold standard in ES and iPS […]

2008.10.01 PRODUCTQTempo cardiotoxicity assay launched.

A major risk associated with new drugs is the occurrence of cardiotoxicity caused by off-target binding to heart cells. In addition to putting patients at risk, the financial consequences of drugs that cause such side effects can be significant. Over the last decade, assays focusing on the hERG protein have been developed. These hERG based assays manage to identify a majority of problem compounds before they reach the clinic. However, these tests still fail to detect many drugs that will cause adverse events in patients. QTempo is the world’s first commercially available assay that uses beating cardiomyocytes, hooked up to the lab equivalent of an ECG monitor, to accurately and […]