Predictive Drug Discovery Services

Drug Discovery Phases (3): Lead Identification in Human-Relevant 3D Models and iPSCs

REPROCELL offers services and products to support your lead identification programmes. We can custom-create human-relevant 3D models using iPSCs, which when combined with our 96 well Alvetex cell culture plates allows lead identification to be conducted at high-throughput in phenotypically-relevant models.

3D cell cultures using REPROCELL's Alvetex technology deliver more in vivo-like results than traditional 2D monolayer cultures.

  • Highly porous inert scaffold made from cross-linked polystyrene (200 μm thick).
  • Suitable for a wide range of cell types including primary or iPSC-derived cells from most organs, various stem cells, cancer, and complex co-culture models.
  • Automation – 96 well plate formats compatible with high throughput screening and a variety of assays and techniques.
  • Build more predictive biological models by maintaining in vivo physiological properties, enhancing cell viability and longevity.
  • Simple histology, imaging and RNA/protein isolation analysis endpoints.
  • Add perfusion in 3D for another step closer to in vivo.

Efficacy data in living human tissues is a powerful method to demonstrate the value of your compounds:

  • For investors – confidence increased by early demonstration of human efficacy in the target patient group
  • Adds commercial value – reduces risk of phase II failure, which adds early stage value to the compounds
  • De-risks development – by selecting compounds with demonstrable human efficacy