Custom iPS Cell Services

Stemgent's Custom Reprogramming Service generates non-integrating, footprint-free iPS cells.


Stemgent s reprogramming services team is a specialized research group with training in cellular reprogramming received in leading stem cell labs from around the world. This experience has given Stemgent s scientists the ability to partner with you to develop and deliver footprint-free induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells for use in drug discovery.


Our scientists offer validated, cutting-edge technology (microRNA, mRNA, and srRNA), and know-how that enable biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and contract research organizations to respond rapidly to the changing landscape of reprogramming research.


Stemgent's Custom Reprogramming Services empowers clients to focus on their experiments and not on consuming lab time and resources in generating iPS cells prior to beginning experiments. We serve clients both in the U.S. and internationally.


An industry leading network of experience

As one of the first organizations to focus on supporting the field of cellular reprogramming, Stemgent scientists bring over 100 years of stem cell experience who have worked side-by-side or have been trained in the labs of Doug Melton, Rudolf Jaenisch, James Thomson, Robert Langer, and Lee Rubin – many of the pioneers of stem cell and iPS cell research. Stemgent s scientists have conducted thousands of reprogramming experiments using numerous methods covering a variety of technologies.


Stemgent's Reprogramming Service Team has mastered the scientific and technical challenges of reprogramming, by taking advantage of Stemgent s unique combination of reliable technology and expertise you can overcome the technical challenges encountered with iPS cell generation and quickly