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Clinical-grade Cryopreservation Solution for iPSCs

ReproCryo RM is an optimized freezing medium for ES/iPS cells which does not employ DMSO as a functional additive.  DMSO is considered non-desirable due to proven mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. The medium is manufactured meets the Japan Standards for Biological Materials Safety.  

This is the clinical version of ReproCryo DMSO Free (Cat. No. RCHEFM005).  ReproCryo RM is listed in the Japanese Drug Master File as an ancillary material, suitable for use in processes leading to cellular therapeutics.  ReproCryo RM is not intended for direct administration into patients.


hiPSC 201B7 cell grown in ReproXF medium (Cat. No. RCHEMD007) on vitronectin were cryopreserved with ReproCryo DMSO Free and competitive media, and stored at −80 °C. A vial was thawed and plated to determine viability.

hiPSC 201B7 cells were cryopreserved with ReproCryoDMSO Free, thawed and plated on vitronectin in ReproXF medium (Cat. No. RCHEMD007). After recovery, the cells were stained for Oct3/4 and Nanog. The scale bar is 100 µm

Product Name

ReproCryo RM

Catalog Number



50 mL


Meets Japan Standards for Biological Materials Safety. Not intended for direct administration into humans.


Contains no DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)

Storage and Stability

Store at −20 °C soon after arrival. Thaw before use, and store at 2 °C to 8 °C after thawing. Use it up within about two weeks after thawing. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing