Brochures and Flyers


REPROCELL: Products Catalog

REPROCELL: Corporate Capabilities Brochure

REPROCELL: Corporate Profile Brochure

Cryopreservation Media: Freezing & Storing Human Stem Cells

ReproMed™ iPSC Medium



BioServe Global Biorepository



StemRNA™ 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit: Clinically Relevant iPS Cells with RNA-Reprogramming

Stem Cell Services: The Science behind StemRNA™ 3rd Generation Technology

StemRNA™ SR Reprogramming Kit

Stemfect™ RNA Transfection Kit

Tools for Naïve Stem Cells

StemRNA™ Neuro: From Stem Cells to Human Neurons (Formerly known as ReproNeuro)

StemRNA™ Human iPSCs



Alvetex: Intro Flyer

Alvetex: Genuine 3D Cell Culture, Simply and Routinely

Alvetex 3D Cell Culture Systems (plasticware)

Predictive 3D Hepatotoxicity Assay Service using HepG2 Cells in Alvetex 96-well plate format

Skimune® 3D: Adverse Immune Reaction Model (in collaboration with Alcyomics)



Predictive Drug Discovery Services — brochure

Human Skin Explant Assays: Drug Discovery Assays Using Full-Thickness, Living Human Skin (Predictive Drug Discovery Services)

Precision-cut Lung Slices (Predictive Drug Discovery Services)

Human Inflammatory Bowel Disease Fresh Tissue Assays (Predictive Drug Discovery Services)

Human Drug Absorption and Metabolism (Predictive Drug Discovery Services)



ABLE 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System for Stem Cell Culture

 Operating Instructions for ABLE 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System

AteloGene® in vivo siRNA/miRNA Transfection Kit

NutriStem™ hPSC XF Culture Medium

iMatrix™-511 Stem Cell Culture Substrate

iMatrix™ Cell Culture Substrates