BioServe’s global biorepository provides leading academic and industry researchers with access to over 600,000 human DNA, serum and tissue samples linked to detailed clinical and demographic data from 120,000 consented and anonymized patients on four continents. BioServe’s Human Tissue Samples are stocked and readily available. You can check our list of materials or inquire to see if we have specimens that match your requirements. If no stocked material is available, through our network of affiliated hospitals, we can initiate a Prospective Collection specific for you. BioServe’s preclinical Molecular Services, such as the genotyping services, help researchers identify genetic markers, validate drug targets and correlate clinical and molecular data to accelerate the development of new and safer drugs.

BioServe’s customers include nearly every major pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, as well as top industry, academic, and government research institutions.



The Stemgent brand is well known in the global stem cell research community. The brand has become associated with stem cell performance-qualified reagents and innovation after becoming the first company to launch a mRNA reprogramming kit for making iPSCs. Today, the organization is armed with broader capabilities and expertise, and has recently developed a third generation reprogramming technology (StemRNA 3rd Gen RNA Reprogramming) which is now available through iPSC reprogramming services. All of this, combined with complementary REPROCELL know-how from across the globe, uniquely positions the organization with a full-range of iPSC services including reprogramming, differentiation and expansion & characterization.

Stemgent’s customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as top academic and government research institutions from all around the globe. Reprogramming technology and iPSC usage can also be made available for a variety of commercial applications with licenses available through REPROCELL Inc. (please inquire).



Alvetex is a highly porous polystyrene scaffold designed for 3D cell culture. Cells grown in Alvetex possess a natural tissue-like structure that enables them to function in a more physiologically relevant manner. Alvetex 3D culture enables cells to maintain their in vivo morphology, behavior and responsiveness within an in vitro model system.

Alvetex is available in multiple configurations including multi-well plates and hanging well inserts allowing a variety of approaches and cell culture applications.



Biopta has been providing contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry since 2002 and has established itself as the world leader in the use of fresh functional human tissuesto better predict drug activity prior to clinical trials. Biopta’s expertise in all areas of human tissues research including sourcing, handling and experimenting on human tissue allows us to act as your “Human Tissue Research Department”.


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