Area of Focus: Biomarker Research

Biomarkers are playing an increasingly important role in drug development and diagnostics. Medical practice will increasingly require new biomarkers to help stratify patients into personalized treatments. However, biomarker identification requires the use of human clinical samples that have been vetted for disease state and collected ethically in accordance with regulatory guidelines and proper oversight. REPROCELL has the products, the network and services that can assist you in biomarker research and development.

REPROCELL’s BioServe brand Human Tissue Services

With one of the largest commercial collections of human tissue samples, the BioServe BioRepository can provide fully consented, IRB-approved human biospecimens from a multitude of disease-types and normal control tissues. In addition to our extensive biorepository, we can also request from our partner companies or carry out a custom prospective sample collection through our network of clinical partnerships. In most cases, either we have it, or our network has it, or we can collect it! Visit Human Tissue Services to find what you need, or contact us through the links provided there.

Biomarker Analysis

Biomarkers in human fresh tissues are an increasingly important part of drug discovery. The measurement of analytes such as growth factors, chemokines or cytokines released from tissue samples can provide powerful pharmacodynamic insights, particularly in diseased tissues. REPROCELL’s Biopta brand pre-clinical drug discovery service labs have capabilities for live human tissue sourcing, and drug discovery services. Among many possibilities, the new Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery labs in Glasgow, Scotland can perform a variety of techiques for manipulating and analyzing human tissue to support biomarker identification and analysis. Visit our Biopta Biomarkers for additional information on the service that meets your needs for biomarker analysis.