As the first stem cell company in Japan with links to Kyoto University, REPROCELL has a rich history.  Our products have contributed to seminal iPS cell research done by Professor Shinya Yamanaka who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine & Physiology in 2012.  Through recent acquisitions and development of cutting-edge products REPROCELL has emerged as a leader in iPS cell reprogramming and provider of cell services and custom assays.


With a vision of “improving health through biomedical innovation and discovery”, the REPROCELL Discovery business unit provides cutting-edge stem cell products and services, and contract research for pre-clinical drug discovery.  Whereas the newly formed REPROCELL Medical business unit offers compliant materials for bio-production including advanced diagnostics and regenerative medicine therapies.  The partnership with Steminent Biotherapeutics (Taiwan) to bringcell therapy clinical trials to Japan for treatment of cerebral spinal ataxia is an example of our maturing business model under REPROCELL Medical.


In Europe, REPROCELL’s new Centre for Predictive Drug Discoveryopened (Glasgow UK) in 2017, emphasizing a commitment to innovative technical approaches that reduce the risk associated with drug discovery and help our clients make the right choices in drug development.


And finally, wehave subtly upgraded our branding to reflect the organizational changes and synergistic workflows. This can be seen in our new integrated global website.  With modernized e-commerce capabilities and integrated regional offices, our commitment is also to improved customerservice and making your experience more efficient and enjoyable. 


The REPROCELL organization is changing to serve you better.