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Target Identification in Human Tissues

Drug Discovery and Development Services

REPROCELL has one of the world's largest commercial biorepositories, containing over 600,000 samples. When combined with our custom human tissue collection services, it makes REPROCELL the ideal starting place for drug target identification. Determine the biological origin of the disease of interest and identify potential targets for intervention using human tissue samples by comparing expression levels in healthy and diseased tissues.

All samples are linked to approximately 200 data points about demographic, phenotypic, pathology and diagnostic information and drug history.


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Our BioRepository contains more than 600,000 human serum, frozen tissue, DNA, RNA, FFPE and other samples collected from over 120,000 consented and anonymized patients on four continents.

The BioServe Biospecimen Repository Network of partner organizations also provides broader access to rare samples and the ability to source material specific to your research needs through prospective collections.

BioServe continues to establish procurement partnerships with specialty clinics around the USA in a number of indications/ diseases, including autoimmune, inflammatory and rheumatology, urology and oncology.