Drug Discovery


Drug Discovery and Development Services

Clinical trials for Investigational New Drugs (IND) are perhaps the biggest cost associated with drug development. And yet, up to 90% of all INDs fail at some phase in clinical trials. This is mainly attributable to the fact that most IND research and development is done in animal models and cell culture. The translation of efficacy, clinical safety and toxicology data to humans is not assured.

The REPROCELL Group has ready access to live human tissues through our extensive clinical networks, in addition to human iPSC-derived 3D cell model systems to create custom assays that can provide predictive human data to de-risk your drug discovery programs. No other company has this unique combination of expertise and capabilities.

How can I obtain human data on my drug compounds?

  • Contact our experts to discuss a protocol designed specifically for your needs
  • We will send you a fully-costed proposal and timeline
  • Send the test compound (drug, cosmetic or chemical) to REPROCELL
  • REPROCELL will provide you with raw data and a written report
  • Tissues and test compounds can be returned to you for further testing