Application Notes and White Papers

Stemgent Application Notes

bFGF Supports Human ES Cell SelfRenewalAN-STEMGENT-BFGF-D001
NutriStem: a Defined, Low-Growth Factor, Xeno-Free Medium for the Long Term Culture of Undifferentiated Human ES CellsAN-STEMGENT-NUTRISTEM-D001

Alvetex Scaffold Application Notes

(Application notes Alvetex Scaffold 14, 16, 17 & 18 have been reindexed as posters.)
Formation of Mesenchymal Tissues in Alvetex Scaffold Derived From Stem Cells and Established Cell LinesAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-01-D001
Routine Assessment of Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity in a Novel Three Dimensional Culture AssayAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-02-D001
Modelling Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion Using Novel Technology for Three Dimensional Cell CultureAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-03-D001
Preclinical Profiling of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Using a Novel 96-Well 3D Cell Culture AssayAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-04-D001
Application of Alvetex Scaffold in the Development of 3D Co-culture ModelsAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-05-D001
Application of Alvetex Scaffold for 3D Culture of Osteocytes to Investigate Regulation of Bone in Normal and Simulated Microgravity EnvironmentsAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-06-D001
Modelling the Growth of Simple Epithelial Monolayers Using Alvetex ScaffoldAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-07-D001
Reinnervate Perfusion Plate: Dynamic Circulation and Perfusion of Culture Medium Within a Multi-welled PlateAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-08-D001
Testing cytotoxicity in MCF-7 and SW620 cancer cell lines in Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plate formatAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-09-D001
Enhanced Structure and Viability of Liver HepatocytesAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-10-D001
Toxicity assessment using HepG2 liver cell lines in Alvetex Scaffold 96 well plateAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-11-D001
Growth and Differentiation of Neural Tissues in Alvetex ScaffoldAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-12-D001
Three Dimensional Culture of HaCaT Keratinocytes Using Alvetex ScaffoldAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-13-D001
3D cell culture: mimicking real tissueAN-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-15-D001

Alvetex Strata Application Notes

Maintenance of Intact Tissues Using Alvetex StrataAN-ALVETEX-STRATA-01-D001
Propagation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in Three Dimensional Culture Using Alvetex StrataAN-ALVETEX-STRATA-02-D001

Alvetex White Papers

A Review of Imaging Techniques Compatible with Three Dimensional Culture of Cells Grown in Alvetex ScaffoldWP-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-D001
Hints and Tips for Successful Confocal Microscopy of 3D Cell Cultures using Alvetex ScaffoldWP-ALVETEX-SCAFFOLD-D002