3D Cell Services

Contract Services using Human 3D Cell Cultures

REPROCELL’s experts have been at the forefront of 3D culture for over 25 years. Using our award-winning Alvetex™ 3D scaffold technology we offer a range of assays for testing pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics in 3D models including skin, liver and neuronal cells.

Led by our Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Stefan Przyborski, an eminent cell culture scientist and editor/contributing author of Technology Platforms for 3D Cell Culture [WILEY Blackwell (2017) ISBN#9781118851500], our team at the REPROCELL Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery will develop a solution for your needs.

Why choose 3D over 2D?

Human tissue in vivo exists in 3D form, and culturing these in 2D format results in loss of function. Responses of 3D tissues to drugs, chemicals and cosmetics have been demonstrated to more closely predict human in vivo responses.

  • 3D tissue more closely mimic normal human tissue micro-anatomy.
  • 3D tissues are more phenotypically accurate than conventional 2D plated culture of cells, e.g. maintenance of CYP450 activity in 3D in comparison with 2D culture.
  • Our highly characterized tissues allow you to interrogate mechanisms of action of your compound.

How do I test my compounds in 3D tissues?

  • Please Make an Inquiry to discuss a custom assay design specifically tailored for your needs.
  • We will send you a fully-costed proposal and timeline.
  • Send the test compound (drug, cosmetic or chemical) to REPROCELL.
  • REPROCELL will perform the assay in accordance with agreed protocols and on completion of the work will supply raw data and a written report detailing results.
  • Tissues and test compounds can be returned to you for further analysis.


2D vs 3D cell growth

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